Chandeliers and pendants

Lighting is an extremely important aspect and chandeliers and pendants are essential elements to give a touch of style and elegance to homes.

Versatile and produced in countless shapes, they illuminate rooms in a functional way, making every room charming, comfortable and inviting.

Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights are one of the most common choices for those who need to illuminate living spaces but don’t like classic chandeliers.

Ceiling lights are more than just lamps, they are versatile furnishing elements.


Wall lights can be considered true light installations that furnish and enrich an interior.

They are the result of style research by leading lighting designers. These figures mould light through new shapes and innovative materialsto produce original, functional and decorative products.

Table lamps

The range of table lamps transform rooms and make them warm and cosy, ideal for those moments of intimacy and relaxation that everyone needs.

Table lamps have a unique design touch.

Floor lamps

Floor lamps are the ideal solution for illuminating all kinds of environments.

They allow you to add a point of light wherever you like, to create an atmosphere suited to the context or simply to enhance the enjoyment of certain corners of your living space.